Julie was born and raised in Omaha, NE.

After stints in Kansas and Arizona, Julie and her husband landed in Eugene, where they have lived since 2005. Julie attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2012. She is currently completing an 8-week course with renowned manual therapist and author of Anatomy Trains, Tom Meyers.

Julie's life outside the studio is centered around her home life. She spends most of her time enjoying her two young daughters, including her brand new baby girl, born in 2017. She and her husband (and their beloved dog!) are avid hikers and backpackers, and look forward to getting back into their frequent outdoor adventures as their girls grow. She enjoys traveling, concert-going, and gardening, but also is very content staying in and reading a good book.

Both my teaching and personal practice have helped me express my truest self by exposing the best and the worst sides of me and asking me to look at them. I credit my practice for helping me to discover the self-confidence and clarity to be my most authentic self both in and out of the yoga room. This is a lesson for which I will be forever grateful.


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