Wildlight Yoga Studio

Skye is a New England native who made the move to the west 5 years ago. Skye's primary focus is to live life in motion(mocean) outdoors and teach and inspire others how  to do so, 365 days a year.  He has dedicated his entire adult life to this path and the journey has taken him to so many amazing projects and experiences far and wide.

He is the owner of Mocean365 LLC., which is an outdoor based functional movement and adventure skills coaching business. Skye has worked with a wide range of clientele over the last 20 years ranging from young kids to older kids, from 7-70+. His teaching has many influences from his training and experiences and certifications including MovNat, Exuberant Animal, martial arts, obstacle course racing, physical labor, physical therapy, functional training, dance, percussion, parkour, Yoga, steel maces, outdoor adventure and more. Ancient training for modern times.

Skye splits his time between teaching functional human movement with students, and working outside in the trades (currently home construction) as well as teaching mountain bike skills. He is a dedicated surfer, mountain biker, drummer, trail builder, traveler and also likes to snowboard, build with his hands, connect with friends and live simply in the woods, barefoot ideally.

Modern living is changing the way we live and move and the way we connect with others and the natural environment. My focus as a movement coach is helping students move more like humans,  getting people outside and helping them become more aware of how to use their own bodies and help unleash their capabilities which in turn, will lead them to inspire others to do the same. This ripple has been so powerful and my students' testimonials blow my mind from the east coast to here in the west. The success and changes they have all made is what continues to inspire me to learn more and become the best teacher I can be. Try out a class or workshop with me at WLYC, I look forward to moving with you!


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