Steve moved to Eugene in 2000 after living and traveling over seas in Asia for a few years. He spent most of his 20’s in San Francisco and Arizona. He was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Steve began studying yoga in 1999 while traveling in India. He spent a month practicing Agama yoga which is a slowed down chakra based practice. Steve became a 200 hour certified teacher in 2018 after doing the training at Wild Light with Jess. He also completed an advanced teacher training with Ana Forrest in 2018.

When not teaching and practicing yoga, Steve enjoys working on his property just south of Eugene. He also co-organizes and teaches Breema workshops throughout the PNW. One of his other loves is being a soccer dad. He finds great joy in watching his daughter play and compete.

These years of practicing and teaching have taught me that I wish to always be a student in any role I find myself participating. Pushing my growth edge is not always comfortable and that is OK. This life is a journey and a gift so I will continue to do my best to both enjoy and shape the ride.


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