Dearest Wild Lights,

After hearing recommendations from Governor Brown and our nation’s leaders in healthcare, we have decided to close the studio after the 6pm class this evening.  We will be closed through the end of March as of right now, with all memberships on pause.

If you are on the Lotus auto-debit and you paid for a full month in March, we will be refunding half of your membership to account for this temporary closure.  Please allow us one week to process these refunds.  If you are on any other studio membership or package, we will add time to your package once we are able to safely reopen.

We are currently brainstorming ways to bring virtual classes to you in your homes.  Please stay tuned for updates on our website, Instagram, and Facebook.  If you’ve never had a home practice, there is no better time to roll out your mat and give it a shot.  From personal experience, I’ve done an incredible amount of home practice particularly while pregnant with Jasper and Jade, and I’ve had some of the most cathartic, healing, connected moments alone on my mat.  It will never mirror the energy of a class, being
guided by a teacher you trust, in the space of the studio you know and love.  And yet, there are seasons for everything in life. We are entering a season of turning inward, and we invite each of you to explore aloneness not from a fear-based place but from a place of curiosity and the willingness to seek new edges of your being.  At the same time, we have never been more connected, and the strength of our community is evident all around us, particularly right now.

Our hearts and thoughts are with our teachers who are losing income by not being able to teach, and many of you as our community members who are in similar positions with your own jobs and children being home from school. We love you tremendously, and we continue to hold the light knowing that we will get through this.

With deep love and gratitude,
Jess, Joey, and the entire Wild Light team

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