Dear SGY Yogis...soon to be Wild Lights!

Each of us in this community is a unique, wild light, and we have made it our mission as a teaching staff to see this and cultivate it through deep practice and connection. Our tagline Root, Rise, and Shine reflects that sense of groundedness that the studio provides all of us. So many of you have spoken or written about this to us, and it has left an indelible mark on our identity. Together we are ushering in a new era in which we transition beyond removing obstacles to the limitless beauty that opens up when those obstacles are the wild lights they reveal.

We are hard at work on our new website for Wild Light Yoga Center and we hope to have it completed by the end of November, at which time our name change will become official. In the meantime, it gives me great joy to unveil our new logo, created by our very own teacher, professor, and graphic artist extraordinaire, Michael Salter:

This logo represents so many beautiful things about our studio. We are each part of the roots of our community and together we create the lotus that captures each of our wild lights. Our tagline, Root, Rise, and Shine is also reflected here. The lotus is a historic symbol of transformation as well. We've often heard how the lotus is seeded in murky, muddy waters and it's brilliant blooms are a gorgeous contrast to the environment in which they are birthed. Each of us has our own murky waters, representing our own uncried tears, self-doubt, unexpressed longing, experiences of shame, heartbreak and tragedy. This is what it means to be human. These experiences make us who we are, and they make our lotus flower blossom that much more brilliantly. Even when we find ourselves caught in our own darkness, we are pulled toward the light, where we may shine wildly and radiantly, inviting others to shine with us. Many thanks to Salter for capturing who we are in this beautiful image.

With love,

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