First…we are absolutely bursting at the seams to unveil our new name. After months of hearing your suggestions, talking with trademark attorneys, and having long conversations about who we are as a studio community, we are thrilled to announce that we will become Wild Light Yoga Center.

Wild? Yes wild…we are each unique and multifaceted, and wild connotes a sense of freedom, expression, and inner fire that comes from removing the obstacles in the way of our authenticity and our dharma or life’s calling. When we embrace what is wild within us, we harness our own voice and our own power, much like the banks of a fast flowing river allow that river to flow more deeply, more powerfully, and to greater distances. And we are not just wild…we are wild light. We are beings of light and yoga pulls us toward the light – toward that place of belonging, unconditional love, and untapped potential. I have long felt it is my personal dharma to guide others along the path to find their light, shine it up and then give it to the world so that we create a ripple effect of brightly shining lights reaching far and wide.

With deep love and gratitude,

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